Friday, July 11, 2008

FAQ about Rave and Pan

How do you pronounce FAQ?
Most people pronounce the letters individually, one after the other. Some, however, prefer to pronounce the first two letters as a single sound, followed by the third letter. This can sometimes be mistaken for an unpleasant, hostile epithet.

What is Rave and Pan?
It is a place for incisive and detailed reviews of Cleveland theater, written by Christine Howey—a person with extensive experience in theater (see article, "What Qualifies Me to be a Theater Critic?" on this site) and as an award-winning critic.

How often are reviews and critical commentaries posted on Rave and Pan?
Usually, at least once or twice a week. Sometimes more often.

Why is this blog called Rave and Pan?
Because I hate reading reviews that leave the reader in doubt as to whether the critic liked something or not…and why. On Rave and Pan my opinions are strongly stated and clearly explained. This brutally frank approach is reflected in the blog’s name.

Will every review be either a rave or a pan?
Well, no. But even a mixed review has mini-raves and micro-pans within it.

What if I think your review sucks? Will opposing views be welcomed?
FAQ. No, seriously, I enjoy hearing from people who have differing views, as long as they keep it clean and have an interesting take. Such communications will be added to the blog when deemed appropriate and edifying.